We believe that your work life should be as rewarding, fun and exhilarating as your home life.

With the average person spending 90,000 hours working in a lifetime, we feel those hours should be spent with great people, doing a job you love, with a few perks to spoil you along the way.

If you’re looking for a new way to spend your work life, in a company where you can soar to heights that haven’t been set, we want to speak to you.

Enrich your life

At Provide you can give your salary, job description, work life, home life and social life a big boost.

Whether you’ve excelled in recruitment previously or you’re a complete newbie, we’re looking for people with great personality, drive, negotiation skills and emotional intelligence (EI) to join our family and take our business to the next level.

If you’re the one we’re looking for and you can connect with our values, we’ll create a job around your strengths, train you, give you the tools and support you need to get you to where you want to be, trust you, and reward you with the best perks in the business.

For the ambitious only

If you think you’ve hit your peak in recruitment,
you’re not dreaming big enough.

Good to Great

If you’re a good recruiter frustrated and hindered by your current environment, with a drive and ambition that craves for more than bigger targets and a larger team from your next promotion, it’s time to join the industry’s most exciting recruitment programme. It’s time to go from Good to Great!

Provide is a company that’s going places. We’ve always been entrepreneurial and ambitious and we’ve never let anything limit us in our success. When there’s no ceiling, there’s always more to achieve. Sound familiar?

Our Good To Great programme not only rewrites the traditional recruitment career path – it allows you to rewrite your career in any way you want. It’s yours to shape so where do you want to go with it?

We’ll give you complete autonomy to make decisions about your market, your team and your own P&L. You’ll be treated as an equal in the business and trusted to grow your division, taking your team and our company into new markets and opportunities.

It’s not about the money. This role assumes you’ve already got what it takes to be a high performer. Financial reward is a given. This is more than that. It’s about having a vested interested in a business you’ve built, with the support of our Directors, our GDC and the team you choose, to give you the life you want.

If you want to be inspired by your next company, surrounded by others like you, and excited by a provable, scalable career growth programme, you need to join us and walk alongside the best at Provide.

The Academy of Excellence

The ultimate recruitment training course - The Provide Academy of Excellence

The Provide Academy of Excellence takes people with zero experience in recruitment on an intensive course to become incredible, high performing consultants within a very short space of time.

With a reputable 3-month programme of hands-on training in the working environment, we’ll give you the tools and techniques to win big in recruitment. On graduation, you’ll be fast-tracked straight into a career plan to help you become the next £million biller and future leader in our business.

We also continually invest in our people with ongoing training throughout their career at Provide including Recruiter Training, Management Skills, Director Development and Black Belt Sourcing Training.

The best perks in the business

We go far beyond just offering great salaries, commissions and bonuses. Our perks are much more than fringe benefits – they’re life enhancements!

With a Wild Card system to use on those days when you just need a little longer in bed or some extra time to deal with personal errands, you don’t need to sacrifice your life for work.

Birthdays are banned from Provide (in the nicest sense). You’re not allowed to come into work (unless you really, really want to). Everyone celebrating a birthday is allowed the day off in addition to annual holiday.

Healthy food equals happy minds so we make it that bit easier to achieve your 5 a day by supplying fresh fruit in the office every single day.

Staying fit keeps energy and positivity high so take advantage of the gym membership we provide and the 20 minutes extra at lunch for going to the gym.

Need some advice on health and nutrition? Our professional lifestyle coach will give you all the advice you need to achieve a better you.

As parents ourselves, we try to make life a little easier for you if you have children by providing flexible working hours.

We believe in family at Provide and encourage families to join us at our company events throughout the year. We don’t want you to miss on special time with those closest to you.

Half Day 100: Hit target over the quarter and enjoy a half day off with the team and £100 to spend having fun. Race your colleagues in go-karts or buy those shoes you’ve had your eye on, its up to you!

Time to Fly: Every year we fly the best of the best overseas for an all-expenses-paid trip of a lifetime.

Refer a friend to us and receive £500 to spend on a slap-up meal.

Gatecrash the Directors’ social life. If they’re out and about, meet up with them and join in the fun. They’re a sociable lot and always enjoy spending time with friends from the office.

Giving Back: If you’re passionate about giving something back to your local community, we’ll support you. In partnership with Community Action: MK, we’ll give you one day per year, fully paid, to volunteer and help others, whether that’s giving food to the homeless of driving the elderly to a hospital appointment. It’s up to you.

And that’s just a taster of how we’ll spoil you at Provide.


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Our team is like a family and so fit is important. We’ve built an incredible culture built on trust, courtesy, honesty and teamwork. We aren’t prepared to dilute that with the wrong people. If you’re right for us, and we’re right for you, you’ll be making friends for life when you join us, and you’ll be part of something truly rewarding and exciting.

Here’s a peek into life at Provide…