I was already working in recruitment at another small agency but the opportunities for me to develop further were very limited.  I aspire to be a leader in what I do and Provide were able to offer me that.

I specialise in emerging technologies, cutting-edge tech in particular like electrical vehicles and big data, and I would like to run my own division in the near future.  Provide, and its Directors, have been fantastically supportive in that and have given me training to help me build on my weaknesses and develop my strengths even further.  In fact, I have developed professionally here in the past 6 months than I have done anywhere before.  I’m already being pushed to better myself and achieve more, because the management can see where I want to go. They’re right there behind me and have made me see that I can do much more than I realise. They give me incredible support and help me to feel confident and comfortable in my job. 

I love working in recruitment as no two days are ever the same, and I love working at Provide because everyone here is so passionate about what they do.  There is a really friendly atmosphere; everyone wants to speak with you.  We all work hard but we stop to enjoy ourselves too.  As a result, I work harder here but it’s great because we all know how to switch off and socialise too.

Kerry PainSenior Consultant

“I joined Provide as a Senior Recruitment Consultant and am now a Principal Consultant running my own division. Provide compares really favourably to other recruitment agencies I have worked in previously. Firstly, there is a flexible culture of working that has given me great support as a working mum. Provide duplicates the culture of some of its fast-growth clients (tech houses and SMEs) that understand how a work environment should be these days. In other agencies, there’s a real city boy culture but not here. There is such a great work life balance at Provide. Many companies pay lip service to that but Provide live it. If you do well here and prove yourself, you can manage your own desk. The Director’s attitudes trickle down throughout the business and I run my team the same way they do. There are no meetings for the sake of it. We celebrate successes and really pat people on the back for turning things around. It’s amazing how the company supports me in building my division, sending me on conferences around the world to learn about the industry and network. It’s why the clients love our business too! I’ve never seen client and candidate feedback like I have here. We follow up on everyone! People want to be here and do well. I’ve seen Provide genuinely change the lives of people who work here.”

Nelya SokolykPractice Manager/Principal Recruitment Consultant

“I joined Provide’s Academy of Excellence when I was 18 years old as I didn’t have any previous experience in recruitment. Straight away, Provide gave me the tools I needed to do the job rather than just throwing me in the deep end to figure it out for myself. It made me feel very comfortable about what I needed to do.

You could tell the training was an accredited scheme because of all the great information in the course. I still use the training materials today, two and half years later, as it is such a good reference guide for the job. Even though I’ve adapted my skills now, I still dip in for a refresher.

This is an amazing career. I don’t see it as a job. I can see my future and how my goals will be achieved. No one else I know in other industries or companies feels that way about their job. My colleagues and the Directors here are like a family. I know others who work in recruitment elsewhere who have the polar opposite experience to mine with management and colleagues.

Provide really cares about us. I know the part I play in the business. Working at Provide has allowed me to do things I would have never thought I’d do. I can buy what I want and go where I want because of this job. Sometimes I have to pinch myself. It’s hard to believe sometimes. It’s a great feeling to know I can really do this!”

Melissa LucasSenior Delivery Consultant

“Before Provide, I had never worked in recruitment before. I joined Provide’s Academy of Excellence to learn about the job, which set me in excellent stead for my career. The AOE taught me the basics of recruitment and how to sell.

Three years on and I have never looked back. I love recruiting at Provide because my success and reward is based on merit, not on longevity in the company. It motivates me to progress. The team here are brilliant. Everyone knows each other. We’re competitive but we all back each other too.

The rewards and perks are amazing. I’ve been quad biking and clay pigeon shooting which are both fun – and random. I would have never have done those activities left to my own devices but they were great rewards for doing well. The company are always happy to treat us which makes me feel genuinely appreciated for my hard work.”

Sam ClaytonSenior Consultant

“There’s a real family feel at Provide. Everyone looks after each other – from the top down. There’s very much a culture of belonging throughout the business. It’s structured in that everyone is driven to do things right which impacts really positively on our client and candidate relationships. Doors are always open here which makes for an honest and transparent workplace. Everyone knows what’s happening in the business. The staff are well looked after too with some of the best perks in business right down to the small touches that make a difference to everyone’s day like the Costa coffee run, daily fresh fruit, and wild card system (for late arrivals, duvet days, early leaves).”

Masimo Lagioia
Massimo LagioiaDirector

“I joined Provide just 6 months ago (before that I was a Royal Marine!) and I have already achieved the fastest target record. I love Provide. It has a great work hard/play hard attitude that fits well with my personality. You know that if you get your head down you get the rewards – and I mean big financial rewards. I have never experienced any company like Provide before. The team and the people really make it a nice environment to work. Everyone here is working hard to achieve something, which spurs you on because you feed off each other and want to be the best.”

Stuart MiddletonDelivery Consultant