“You could tell the training was an accredited scheme because of all the great information in the course. I still use the training materials today, two and half years later, as it is such a good reference guide for the job.”

Bite Size 10Senior Delivery Consultant

“I joined Provide’s Academy of Excellence when I was 18 years old as I didn’t have any previous experience in recruitment. Straight away, Provide gave me the tools I needed to do the job rather than just throwing me in the deep end to figure it out for myself.”

Bite Size 9Delivery Consultant

“Everyone can talk to the Directors and owners; there are no restricted lines of communication in the company. Compared to the corporate recruitment background I came from, this is really refreshing and results in a flexible, progressive work environment.”

Bite Size 8Director

“The company is always moving forward and to do that we continually ask our staff for input. We like to get everyone involved on how we can do things better.”

Bite Size 7Sales Director

“The rewards and perks are amazing. I’ve been quad biking and clay pigeon shooting which are both fun – and random. I would have never have done those activities left to my own devices but they were great rewards for doing well.”

Bite Size 6Senior Consultant

“I love recruiting at Provide because my success and reward is based on merit, not on longevity in the company.”

Bite Size 5Senior Consultant

“I joined Provide’s Academy of Excellence to learn about the job, which set me in excellent stead for my career.”

Bite Size 4Trainee

“There’s a real family feel at Provide. Everyone looks after each other – from the top down. There’s very much a culture of belonging throughout the business.”

Bite Size 3Director

“I have never experienced any company like Provide before. The team and the people really make it a nice environment to work.”

Bite Size 2Delivery Consultant

“I love Provide. It has a great work hard/play hard attitude that fits well with my personality.”

Bite Size 1Delivery Consultant