Recruitment Case Study: Transforming Time-to-Hire Success Rates for Jungheinrich

CASE STUDY: How a new recruitment framework slashed Jungheinrich’s recruitment spend and transformed their time-to-hire success rate.   The Challenges As one of the world’s leading companies in forklifts, intralogistics and material flow engineering, Jungheinrich suffered the typical challenges faced by many well-established giants within the industrial and mechanical engineering sectors.  Their recruitment costs were spiraling and…


Recruitment and the Importance of Transparency

A Day in The Life of our Consultancy Division: The Exeter City Futures Case Study


This final blog in the series follows our Lead IoT Consultant, Stuart White and his team as they help Exeter City Futures recruit the people who are changing how cities will work in the future.

 You can read about Phase 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of this Future Cities recruitment project in our blog.


Recruitment is never as black and white as many outside of the industry think it is.  At this level, when you’re helping to build a company, there’s a great deal that goes into implementing a successful recruitment roadmap – especially for an organisation like Exeter City Futures. 


Case Study: Specialist Recruitment Support For Diverse Business

Afresco were experiencing rapid growth and the task of recruitment had fallen into Patti Rain-Wiffin’s lap who was solely responsible for sourcing candidates, organising interviews, and juggling the many specialist recruitment agencies that had been brought in to handle the diverse requirements of the business. It was a challenge to manage that level of growth alongside her other global HR responsibilities.