There’s No Such Thing as a Job in IoT

The terms IoT, smart technology and connectivity have become the big buzzwords of 2016 – and rightly so: By 2020, it’s expected that there will be 21 billion connected devices, and over half of businesses will incorporate some element of IoT.


But, with this explosion of new technology has come a wave of misunderstanding when it comes to recruitment.  It simply isn’t as straightforward as referring to IoT as a required skill or sector. 


STEM Industries Need to Recruit More Women to Drive Innovation

Earlier this month, International Women’s Day celebrated the achievements of women throughout the world whilst drawing attention to the need for greater equality between the genders.  The event shone a spotlight on many sectors, including the tech and engineering industries in which we operate, and highlighted the need for the STEM industries to recruit more…


Are You on the Right Salary? The UK 2017 Tech Salary Survey is Out!

  Computer Weekly’s 2017 Salary Survey for the Tech industry is out.  This annual research presents findings from 738 interviews with IT professionals throughout the UK and Ireland on their earnings and career expectations. If you work in the tech industry or looking to switch jobs, it’s worth a read.  Here’s the low-down from the…