3 Ways Coders Can Gain Advantage in Technical Interviews

If you’re applying for a coding job, chances are you’re already confident in your skills and ability to carry out that role, however, you’ll need to demonstrate more than your understanding of the job description to get through the interview stage. These days, interviewers in technical companies use a combination of approaches when assessing candidates.  From…


3 Ways to Stand Out as an Embedded Software Developer or Engineer

  Demand for embedded developers and engineers is continuing to soar, thanks to the growth in IoT technology, however a third of employers are struggling to hire people with the relevant skills for today’s embedded software requirements, according to the recent Canonical survey. Embedded development is nothing new in the world of tech, which has…


5 Ways Your Company Can Win the Race for Top Tech Talent

There is a well-documented IT talent crisis.  At a time when companies are racing to compete in smart technology, the over-recruited, dwindling pool of in-demand talent is putting additional pressure on already squeezed hirers and HR professionals.

As depressing as that sounds, it does pose some opportunities for innovative recruiters and smart companies.  It also flattens out the playing field for those brands who may not have the clout of larger, more well-established brands.